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Quidem know and love audio, so combining our audio expertise with the digital world of the mighty Pod is a dream!  Possibilities really are endless with this medium; that's why we adore it.


Quidem offers podcast production to clients, from concept right through to recording and publishing - a total turnkey solution for your podcast project. Get in touch for more information and to discuss your brilliant idea...

Take a look at our projects:

Fertility Life Raft is rated 5 stars on Itunes and has a hugely engaged listenership. It resonates enormously with the 'trying to conceive' community who love it for its realness; relaxed sound and because it's like 'you're listening to your mates'.


Focussing on supporting and uplifting anyone going through infertility or loss, Alice Rose chats to anyone from fertility experts, life coaches and doctors, to people who have just got an important story to share, to help people feel less alone and more connected and understood.

Rated 5 stars on iTunes The Allergy Today podcast has a mission: to help anyone living with allergies, eczema or asthma (or all three) to feel supported, empowered and above all: not alone.

The daily struggle for allergy sufferers, (and parents/carers/siblings) is to navigate their way to a healthy, normal living: always checking, avoiding, risking, treating. It's Russian Roulette with every meal, pets, clothes, shampoos, even wine!    

Quentin, Alice and Ruth talk to a cross section of experts, allergy mums, docs: and listeners love it..

"other allergy podcasts are too medical or seriously dull. This one is lively and fresh"

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