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In 2013 Quidem formed a partnership with long established Fringe venue managers, Universal Arts.


Together QP and UA ran the beautiful Freemasons’ Hall, 96 George Street, as the New Town Theatre throughout the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Universal Quidem (our collaborative name) brought fantastic theatre, music, art and dance all under one roof.


Quidem’s own productions received a collection of 4 and 5 star reviews from across the board. The Boadicea of Britannia Street written and directed by Ade Morris, was also awarded with the coveted ‘Must See’ stamp from The Stage. Ballet Central’s Be Captivated sold out (extra shows were added to cope with demand) and all of our shows created a buzzing atmosphere in the venue from morning ‘til night.


Over 3000 people came through the New Town Theatre’s doors in 2013 in the space of those very famous three weeks, at the biggest performing arts festival in the world.

The Oldest Man in Catford by Ade Morris (in collaboration with Ralph Bernard)


Reg Thorn, 106, has strange and terrible secrets...


As the oldest man in Catford, he depends on his great great granddaughter Julie for cake, conversation and sympathy. But when Julie walks out on her cheating boyfriend she needs somewhere else to live and turns to old Reg for help.


The two embark on an uneasy, gently comic partnership and a touching adventure into Reg's murky past.



The Boadicea of Britannia Street, by Ade Morris


Fran Lamb is a journalist close to retirement on the local rag. Eccentric, recently bereaved, she starts a creative writing
group - trying to do something challenging for a change.


Joining the group are Annie, a put-upon housewife, P.E. teacher Penny and Janet the local librarian. They decide, perhaps disastrously, to devise a performance about Queen Boadicea.


Since published by Samuel French and available here.






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