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They Didn't Fade Away & Blind Faith



They Didn't Fade Away & Blind Faith - 50 Years of the Pirates


BBC Radio 2- April 2014

Radio 4 Pick of the Week


A mini-series to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the launch of Pirate Radio in the UK.


They Didn’t Fade Away and Blind Faith were received with critical acclaim, also winning a spot on Radio 4’s Pick of the Week, the station’s renowned selection programme of highlights from across all BBC networks.


Featuring a crop of radio and music industry names including new interviews with Whispering Bob Harris, music manager Jazz Summers, Cilla Black and Johnnie Walker, we explored the history of the launch of Radio Caroline and spoke to many listeners from the time too.


In Blind Faith we revealed a fascinating link between a larger than average number of blind teenagers that coincided with the boom in pirate radio in the 60s. We used scripted drama .to convey how important the pirates were in connecting those teenagers to the cultural shift, juxtaposing it with interviews from 2014 with those teenagers, remembering the DJs and the music 50 years on.


A few of our favourites from Twitter:


  • @DavidLloydRADIO brilliant. So many docs around – but all made for anoraks. This was the listener perspective. Stunning…truly the most evocative pirate doc ever made. Absolutely stunningly crafted

  • @WhisperingBob Fabulous #pirateradio doc on @BBCRadio2 right now

  • @BobHuckin very good two parter on R2 tributing offshore radio. Thank you

  • @BobHudson Really thoughtful production, well done #blindfaith



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