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On screen

Together with Genesius Pictures, Quidem have been involved with stage to screen films since 2015. A relatively new platform for theatre productions, we film particularly important, ground-breaking or just sheer brilliant work for the screen, prolonging the life of a theatre show and making it accessible for a huge audience

The real difference in our work with Genesius compared to other stage to screen companies is the artistry of the filming itself. Rather than simply capturing the theatre show on camera, we create a work of art through the use of highly experienced directors and a full film crew.

This stage to screen work is truly pioneering. Bringing cultural milestones to the screen changes the industry. Actors are beginning to sign contracts with theatres which include permission for their work to be filmed even prior to a film discussion! Theatre has a digital future because of this work and we are really proud to be part of it.

And it doesn't stop there...we are absolutely delighted to be working with Genesius on original feature films too and will share more news on this when we can!



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