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On stage

"Adroitly balancing comedy with drama, this hallmark production from Quidem will get you
laughing and crying at the same time" (The Boadicea of Britannia Street)


"It is balanced, nuanced, passionate, understanding, humane - and really quite brilliant" (Dust)


Quidem has its roots in theatre production, beginning solely as a theatre company in 2011. Our first production, Dust by Ade Morris, was a sell-out smash hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


After touring with Dust, we returned to the Edinburgh Fringe as venue co-managers at the New Town Theatre. We created and produced two of our own new writing pieces as well as co-producing eight other shows. It was a phenomanally busy Summer! 


We love new writing; the magic of live theatre and the incomparable electricity live performance sparks. We're extremely excited for our next theatre projects, keep an eye on the News page as well as social media to know more.


We continue to work in theatre both directly and through our stage to screen work with Genesius Pictures.


One more thing- we like to collaborate and actively seek co-productions. If we fall in love with the story, we want to do everything we can to tell it! So, let us know if you've got something you're working on.


We do like getting involved.



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