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BBC Radio 2 and BBC 5 Live Fertility Week

BBC Fertility Week

We're especially proud of this commission.

After pitching Fertility Week to BBC Radio 2, and emphasising the importance of reflecting current changes within the digital fertility community, we were thrilled when the BBC really got behind the idea and worked to make it bigger. 

As a result, a rare and marvellous collaboration between 5 Live and Radio 2 was born! Both networks pooled content and even created a simulcast on 5 Live's 'Fertility Day' between Emma Barnett and Jeremy Vine.

Quidem produced 8 audio packages from 8 wonderful contributors, and consulted for the BBC across the week.

We did our best to help the BBC get the tone right and recommend excellent guests. We're also really proud that the BBC worked very hard at including as much of our recommended content for the BBC Fertility website support page as possible. In their words, this content was 'pretty radical' for the BBC!

At Quidem we believe in using the power of storytelling for good. This social action campaign had enormous impact. A special feature for BBC Sounds is also being produced as we write; which will help the content live on.

We'd like to thank all of the contributors who so generously shared their very personal stories to help us raise awareness and kickstart a change in public consciousness.

You can find more about this special collaboration on our press release here which has more details on the topics and speakers we covered over the week.

Quidem's Alice Fyles also continues to make the Fertility Life Raft podcast in collaboration with Quidem too.

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