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On air

On Air


Quidem's background in broadcasting goes back...far. Pretty darn far. In a nutshell, our founders worked for over 35 years leading the way in developing commercial radio in the UK and creating the country's largest commercial network. It all stemmed from a genuine passion for the medium, first developed during Ralph's stint in hospital radio when he was a wee young lad, (sporting an impressive '70s 'tache).


Simon, Brenda and Ralph worked together for many of those years, developing the UK's radio landscape into what we see today and creating the commercial radio network now known as Global. Ralph was also the chief exec. and for 20 years the Chairman of Classic FM. 


Today, Quidem is the largest and controlling shareholder of Touch Broadcasting Ltd, a group of 6 radio stations based in the Midlands with its home in Stratford-upon-Avon. You can read about Touch here.


But enough about all of that.


The passion for radio and it's unique relationship with the listener never left. It's why we're still here today, as an independant company, working with the BBC and concentrating on our 'raison d'etre': to tell stories, the best way we know how.


Our programmes made under the QP banner to date have all been broadcast on BBC Radio 2, which at 15.3 million listeners, is Europe's largest music station! Wooo! 


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