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BBC Radio 2's Mental Health Week



Mental Health Awareness Week on BBC Radio 2


BBC Radio 2- May 2016

Shortlisted Mind Media Awards 2016


Quidem were commissioned to create 10 packages as part of Radio 2's Mental Health Awareness Week, which ran from the 9th-17th May. 


Passionate about helping to break down stigma and raise awareness about Mental Health, we decided to speak to 10 people with 10 different mental health conditions, who would share their experiences and tell their stories. 


We worked with the charity Mind as well as Bristol based mental health support group leader and writer Ben Gibbons to find our story-tellers. 


Throughout the 10 days Radio 2 had all sorts of contributors on air, and we were delighted to be a part of their fantastic output with our 10 packages, which were scheduled throughout and were also available for listeners to hear on the Radio 2 website (the image above is a screenshot of the web page).


Quidem would like to thank all of our speakers, who bravely agreed to share their stories and let us record them.



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